/Appellvorschlag an muslimische Staaten (englisch)

Appellvorschlag an muslimische Staaten (englisch)

Letter of appeal to governments of Muslim states

Concern: Stoning

Your Excellency,

I am writing you to point out the yet to be overcome form of execution, namely stoning.

Death by stoning not only violates the principles of humanity due to its extraordinary cruelty, but also strongly contradicts international law. Stoning breaches articles 3 and 5 of the General Declaration of Human Rights, as well as articles 6 and 7 of International Pact of Citizen and Political Rights, which lay down the right of life and the prohibition of torture and inhumane punishment. It also blatantly contradicts the Anti-Torture-Convention of the United Nation and the second optional protocol of the International Pact of Citizen and Political Rights, which lays out the abolition of death penalties. Stoning for acts such as adultery further contravenes general principles of law, as it is a completely inappropriate punishment.

The former Minister of Justice of the Republic of Turkey, Mr Aysel Celikel, wrote a letter to the Ministry of Justice of Nigeria in 2002, in which he condemned stoning as “inhumane, cruel and degrading”. The reason for this was the Nigerian Amina Lawal, who had been sentenced to death by stoning. Miss Lawal was saved. But since then numerous others, who did not have a prominent recommendation, became the victims of this barbarically form of execution.

I therefore appeal to you to use your to work on the abolition of stoning. I would be very grateful for an answer.


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