/Appellvorschlag an muslimische Organisationen (Englisch)

Appellvorschlag an muslimische Organisationen (Englisch)

Letter of appeal to Muslim organizations

Concern: Stoning

Dear Sirs,

I am writing you to draw your attention to the stonings that are yet taking place. Even today people become the victims of this extremly cruel and slow form of execution, either through judgements by shariah courts, through the decision of a Single imams or through lynching.

Death by stoning not only violates the principles of humanity due to its extraordinary cruelty, but also strongly contradicts international law. Stoning breaches articles 3 and 5 of the General Declaration of Human Rights, as well as articles 6 and 7 of International Pact of Citizen and Political Rights, which lay down the right of life and the prohibition of torture and inhumane punishment. It also blatantly contradicts the Anti-Torture-Convention of the United Nation and the second optional protocol of the International Pact of Citizen and Political Rights, which lays out the abolition of death penalties. Stoning for acts such as adultery further contravenes general principles of law, as it is a completely inappropriate punishment.

Stoning can only be overcome if Muslim organizations and institutions take on the subject matter and raise their voices against this form of punishment. Individual Islam organizations have already done so, for example the representative of the Alewites in Germany.

I therefore appeal to you to support this work by raising the issue on an international level and taking a firm stand in support of the abolition of stoning. I would be greatful for an answer.


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